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The following is the distance-time table of an object in motion: 

      Time in seconds                                    Distance in metres 

               0                                                               0 

               1                                                               1 

               2                                                               8 

              3                                                                27  

              4                                                                64  

               5                                                               125  

               6                                                               216 

               7                                                               343 

(a) What conclusion can you draw about the acceleration? Is it constant, increasing, decreasing, or zero? 

(b) What do you infer about the forces acting on the object?

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(a) There is an unequal change of distance in an equal interval of time. Thus, the given object is having a non - uniform motion. Since the velocity of the object increases with time, the acceleration is increasing. 

(b) According to Newton's second law of motion, the force acting on an object is directly proportional to the acceleration produced in the object. In the given case, the increasing acceleration of the given object indicates that the force acting on the object is also increasing

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