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What did the postmaster do after reading a letter

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The postmaster laughed when he read Lencho’s letter but soon he became serious and was moved by the writer’s faith in God. He didn’t want to shake Lencho’s faith. So, he decided to collect ,money and send it to Lencho on behalf of God.

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The postmaster at first laughed when he read Lencho's letter but soon he was moved by Lencho's faith in God. So he decided to answer the letter. But the postmaster realized that he needed something more than goodwill, ink and paper to answer Lencho's letter. But he stuck to his resolution of helping Lencho. So he asked money from his employees, he himself gave a part of his salary and several friends of his were obliged to give something for an act of charity. He was able to gather 70 pesos, put it an envelope with the only word God as signature and addressed it back to Lencho.

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