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Explain Network Simulation Tool – NS2 in detail?

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Network simulation tool – NS2:

  • In computer network, network simulation is a method whereby a software program , models the activities of a network by calculating the communication between the different network objects such as(routers, nodes, switches, access points, links etc.).
  • A network simulator is a software program that replicates the functioning of a computer network.
  • In simulators, the computer network is typically demonstrated with devices, traffic etc. and the performance are evaluated.
  • Normally, users can then adapt the simulator to accomplish their precise analysis needs. The network parameters define the state of the network (node placement, existing links) and the events (data transmissions, link failures, etc.).
  • A significant output of simulation is the trace files. Trace files can document every incident that happened in the simulation and are used for examination.
  • NS2 is the abbreviation of NETWORK SIMULATOR version 2. It was considered explicitly for exploration in network communication and event-driven open-source simulator in computer.
  • OTCL and C++ used to create and run NS2. NS2 works on Windows and Linux platforms, that supports wired or wireless network and also use the command line interface as a user interface, API a pure event base software tool with super simulation design, it has more models which help the user to get desired output easily.

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