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How do small scale industries contribute to the socio-economic development of India?

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Small-scale industries (SSIs) play an important role in ensuring the progress of developing countries such as India. The following points highlight their contribution.

  • Market Share: SSIs make up 95 per cent of the industrial units in India. They contribute about 40 percent of the ‘gross industrial value added’ and 45 per cent of India’s total exports. 
  • Regional Balance: SSIs produce simple products and use basic technology. In addition, these industries do not require heavy capital investment, and therefore, they can be set up by anyone anywhere across the country. Small units not only benefit the particular region where it is established but also help reduce the regional disparities in industrial development among different regions of a country. 
  • Employment Generation: As SSIs use labour-intensive production techniques, they have a greater employment generation potential than large industries. Moreover, the skills required to perform jobs in SSIs are usually not very specific, which further increases their scope for generating employment. 
  • Wide range of Products: Small scale units produce a large variety of consumer products, such as stationery items, safety matches, handicrafts, vegetables and processed food. Besides, SSIs also produce a few items by using technology, such as calculators, televisions and engineering goods. 
  • Customized Goods: Small industrial units adapt perfectly to specific needs of consumers. As SSIs use simple and highly flexible production techniques, they can provide their customers with goods best suited to the customers tastes and preferences.

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