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What is the difference between small-scale enterprise and cottage industry?

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“Small Scale Industries are located in urban centers and produce goods with partially or wholly mechanised equipment employing outside labour, small in size, having little capital resources and a small labour force”

“Cottage Industries are mainly rural in character and are generally associated with agriculture involving operations mostly by hands and are carried on in the home either as a whole time or as a part time occupation, primarily with the help of members of the family.” Difference between the Small-Scale Industries and Cottage Industries: 

The differences between the small scale and cottage industries are basically two:

  • While small-scale industries are mainly located in urban centres as separate establishments, the cottage industries are generally associated with agriculture and provide subsidiary employment in rural areas.
  • While small-scale industries produce goods with mechanised equipment employing outside labour, the cottage industries involve operations mostly by hand which are carried on primarily with the help of the members of the family.

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