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“The path of small scale industries is full of hurdles”. Discuss.

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Yes, it is absolutely correct to say that path of SSI is full of hurdles. The following are the major problems faced by Small Scale Industries (SSIs) in India.

  • Inadequate Finance and Credit: The SSIs have always faced the problem of inadequate finance and credit. This is partly because of the scarcity of capital available with the entrepreneurs in the sector and partly because of their lack of assets for offering as collateral/mortgage to secure bank loans. As a result, these businesses have to rely on local financial resources and moneylenders’ for funds.
  • Problem of Procuring Raw Materials: Due to inadequate finance and credit, SSIs face a shortage of funds for procuring raw materials and for carrying out their day- to-day business activities. In addition, the poor transportation system and the faulty supply mechanism often result in irregular supply of raw materials. For these reasons, SSIs face a severe shortage of raw materials, which hinders their smooth functioning.
  • Lack of Skilled Labour: As SSIs cannot afford to pay high salaries to their employees, they usually employ semi-skilled or unskilled labourers. Hence, they face lack of skilled and talented manpower, which adversely affects their efficiency.
  • Marketing: Efficient systems for marketing and promoting products have remained an unfulfilled dream of small scale industries. The main reason is the shortage of funds.Because of the lack of efficient marketing systems, small units are forced to sell their products in the markets through the middlemen, which further leads to the exploitation of the small scale entrepreneurs.
  • Obsolete/outdated technology: Many small-scale industries use production techniques which are outdated and obsolete. This lowers their productivity and makes their operations unfeasible.

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