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Fill in the blanks: 

1. Atmosphere is held in place by the earth’s _______ 

2. The atmosphere is made of _______ different layers. 

3. A _______ shows the direction in which the air is moving at a particular place. 

4. The ozone layer protects all life on earth from the harmful _______ rays of the sun. 

5. Highly reactive gas was later names ‘oxygen’ by _______ 

6. _______ discovered nitrogen.

7. Air contains small amount of CO , Water vapour and some other gases like _______ etc. 

8. Air contains more _______ in rainy season

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1 Answer

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1. gravity 

2. five 

3. weathercock 

4. ultraviolet 

5. Lavoisier 

6. Daniel Rutherford 

7. argon,helium 

8. water vapour

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