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A.State any four the benefits of training to the organization. 

B.Name two methods of each external recruitment and internal recruitment

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Some of the most important goals of employee training include:

  • Better productivity
  • Positive work attitude
  • Risk acceptance
  • Better communication
  • Interpersonal growth
  • Skills grooming for professional growth

External sources refer to the sources that are exogenous to the organisation,i.e.they are available outside the organisation. The following are the benefits of external sources of recruitment.
(i)Infusion of new talent:When vacancies are filled through external sources of recruitment, there is infusion of new blood in the organisation. This improves the scope for increasing the organisational efficiency.
(ii)Wide range of choice: External sources have a benefit over internal sources as they provide a wide range of choices for selection.In internal sources, this choice gets restricted to a very few people. When external sources, such as advertising or placement agencies, are used for recruiting,a wide variety of applicants apply for the job vacancies and hence the organisation gets various option to select from.

Internal recruitment usually occurs when an existing employee is seeking a promotion or wishes to work in a different role in the business.

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