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It is right on moral grounds to give some special incentives to small scale industries. Do you agree? Justify your answer.

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Yes, I agree. There are many problems with SSIs. Major problems faced by the small scale industries are : (1) Finance (2) Raw Material (3) Idle Capacity (4) Technology (5) Marketing (6) Infrastructure (7) Under Utilization of Capacity (8) Project Planning. Small scale industries play a vital role in the economic development of our country. This sector can stimulate economic activity and is entrusted with the responsibility of realizing various objectives, i.e., generation of more employment opportunities with less investment; reducing regional imbalances etc. Small scale industries are not in a position to play their role effectively due to various constraints. If government provides certain incentives in the form of incentives on land, power, tax holiday etc, it can grow well and can be able to compete with large scale enterprises.

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