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Distinguish between single line stores and specialty stores. Can you identify such stores in your locality?

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Single-line stores are small shops that deal in only one product. For example, garments or shoes. However, single-line stores offer a wide variety of the product. For instance, a single-line store that deals in garments will have a wide variety of clothes in all sizes for men, women and children. 

On the other hand, specialty stores deal only in a particular type of product from a selected product line. For example, men’s clothing. Such stores generally sell all the brands of the product in which they specialise. For instance, if a store specialises in men’s clothing, then it will have all the brands of men’s garments. 

On the basis of these features, we can identify the different types of stores in a locality— whether they are single-line stores or specialty stores. Single line stores are more frequently found in local retail markets while specialty stores are found in wholesale markets.

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