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Itinerant traders have been an integral part of the internal trade in India. Analyse the reasons for their survival in spite of competition from large-scale retailers.

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Itinerant traders are retailers who do not have a fixed place of operation. That is, they do not have a shop from where they sell their products. They are also known as mobile tradersas they keep moving from place to place in order to sell their products. They are generally found on street sides, and they shift their place of operation in search of more customers. They usually sell low-priced and non-standard goods. The reasons that itinerant traders survive in spite of the tough competition from large-scale retailers can be attributed to the following factors: 

1. It is very easy to set up a small scale retail shop. One person with limited funds himself can start business. He need not associate other persons and no formalities are necessary. 

2. A small scale retail shop can be located anywhere. It can provide goods of daily use near the place of consumers. They are not required to travel to big markets. 

3. The small scale retailer knows his customers. He can attend to them personally and cater to their individual tastes and needs. Such personalised service is not available in large scale retail stores. 

4. Small scale retailers cater to the masses that have limited income and can afford to buy small quantity. In India majority of the population is poor. 

5. It is easy to manage and control a small sale retail shop. The owner himself is the manager. He has direct motivation to work hard and increase the efficiency of business. He takes personal interest in his business organisations. 

6. Small amount of capital is required to start a small retail shop. People with small amount of funds can start retail business on a small scale.

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