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Which test is used to measure the fitness leve of serior citizens? Explain any three methods to measure it.

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Senior Citizen Fitness Test for assessing the functional fitness of older adults describe easy to understand and effective tests to measure aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility using the minimal and inexpensive equipment. The Individual fitness test items involve common activities such as getting up from a chair, walking, lifting, bending and stretching.

The tests were developed to be safe and enjoyable for older adults while still meeting scientific standards for reliability and validity.

The tests are :

  • Chair Stand Test - testing lower body strength
  • Arm Curl Test - testing upper body strength
  • Chair sit and Reach Test - lower body flexibility test
  • Back Scratch Test - upper body flexibility test
  • 8 Foot Up and Go Test - agility test
  • Walk Test (6 min) - used to assess aerobic endurance

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