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Explain the services of a wholesaler to a retailer, consumer and general services.

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To Retailers 

1. The retailers are relieved of maintaining huge stock of goods because the wholesaler fills up the stock regularly. The wholesaler buys in large quantities and sell them at convenient lots to the retailers. 

2. The wholesaler provides finance and credit facilities to the retailer and thereby relieves the financial difficulties of the retailer. 

3. The wholesaler saves retailers from many types of risks. The retailer is not required to carry huge stock as he can get them from the wholesaler at regular interval. By extending credit has saved the retailers a lot. 

4. The wholesaler provides valuable advices to the retailer on all matters relating to new product and market condition and thereby relieves him from collection of market data. 

5. The wholesaler gives trade discounts on bulk purchase and as such it enables the retailers to earn handful amount of profit.

To Consumer 

1. He enables the consumer to purchase required quantities of goods at the desired time because he supplies goods regularly to the retailers. 

2. He provides goods at a cheaper rate because he facilitates in large scale production. 

3. The wholesaler is in a better position to stabilize prices of the products by adjusting demand and supply. The consumers are benefitted a lot on account of stabilization of prices. 

4. There is no shortage of goods as the wholesaler goes on large purchasing.

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