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Mention and define the documents which are used in internal trade.

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The following are the main documents used in the internal trade. 

1. Invoice: In case of credit purchases, a statement is supplied by the seller of goods in which he gives particulars of goods purchased by buyer such as quantity, quality, rate, total value, sales tax, trade discount, etc. It is also called a Bill or Memo. Buyer gets information about the amount he has to pay to the seller from Invoice only. 

2. Performa Invoice: The “statement (or forwarding letter) containing the details of goods consigned from consigner to consignee is known as a Performa Invoice. It gives the particulars regarding quantity, quality, price and expenses incurred on the goods consigned. In case of consignment, consignee is an agent of consigner who is supposed to sell goods on behalf of consigners and this statement Performa Invoice is only for his information. It is also known as Interim Invoice. 

3. Debit Note: It refers to a letter or note which is sent by the buyer to the seller stating that his (seller’s) amount has been debited by the amount mentioned in note on account of goods returned herewith. It states the quantity, rate, value and the reasons for the return of goods. 

4. Credit Note: It refers to a letter or note which is sent by the seller to the buyer stating that his account has been credited by the mentioned amount on account of acceptance of his claim about the goods returned by him. 

5. Lorry Receipt: It refers to a receipt issued by the transport company for goods accepted by it for sending from one place to another. It is also known as Transport Receipt (TR) and Bilty. 

6. Railway Receipt: It refers to a receipt issued by the railways for goods accepted for sending from one station to another.

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