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Essay on value of prayer


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The prayer that we pray should be the one that comes straight from our hearts. Prayer shouldn’t be a job or a planned out speech. The prayer that God tells us we should pray is the Lords prayer. “Our Father in heaven hallowed be your name your kingdom come your will be done as earth as it is in heaven…” this prayer summarizes the main things that we should pray for, like telling God he is awesome, asking to provide, to forgive sins, and to prevent you from sinning, and that you will love God for ever and ever. God doesn’t look at how good a prayer is, he doesn’t judge by quantity either. A short prayer can be just as, if not, more meaningful as a large one. God looks at the thought and meaning of the prayer. A prayer that comes straight from the heart is what God appreciates.

We need to pray for different things in life. God tells us what to pray for and what not to. 

He tells us to pray for everything that we need, spiritually and physically. We can pray to God for almost anything except for absurd wants. God tells us to pray to no one else but Him. When we pray God wants us to acknowledge to him our needs and misery, hiding nothing, he wants us to pray for everything on our minds coming from our hearts. We don’t need to worry about our prayers being heard because Christ our Lord promises that they will be heard in his word.

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Yes ur right


Prayer , is not asking  . Prayer is giving

According to me

asking  = to pray  ( it's wrong)

Giving  what we have to others  is = to pray ( it's right)

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