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What is the major reason under lying trade between nations?

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The major reason behind international business is that the countries cannot produce equally well or cheaply all the commodities. This is called theory of comparative cost advantage. It is so because resources are unequally distributed in natural resources. Some countries are abundant in one commodity and scarce in others while opposite is true for some other country. It makes a case for international trade and exchanging abundant commodity with scarce commodity by nations. Different nations are endowed with different factors of production which includes land, labour, capital and entrepreneurship. For example, India is a labour abundant country. Therefore, it is advisable for India to produce such commodities which use labour intensive methods and exchange it for those which use capital intensive methods. USA is a capital abundant country. Therefore, nations need to trade. Due to these reasons one country has a comparative advantage in production of particular goods as compared to other countries. Consequently, each country fins it advantageous to produce those selected goods and services that it can produce more effectively at home and importing those goods in which other nations have a comparative cost advantage.

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