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In a class, there are 18 girls and 16 boys. The class teacher wants to choose one pupil for class monitor. What she does, she writes the name of each pupil on a card and puts them into a basket and mixes thoroughly. A child is asked to pick one card from the basket. What is the probability that the name written on the card is:

(i) the name of a girl

(ii) the name of a boy

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Total no. of possible outcomes = 34 (18 girls, 16 boys)

(i) E ⟶ event of getting girl name

No. of favorable outcomes = 18 (18 girls)

Probability, P(E) = (No.of favorable outcomes)/(Total no.of possible outcomes) = 18/34 = 9/17

(ii) E ⟶ event of getting boy name

No. of favorable outcomes = 16 (16 boys)

P(E) = 16/34 = 8/17

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