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Write in brief Which of the everyday services are influenced by the satellite technology

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Everyday services like telecommunication, defence security, navigation, internet, television and radio broadcast etc are influenced by the satellite technology.

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Communications satellites have the ability to rapidly communicate between a number of widely dispersed locations, They help the big manufacturing companies and the department stores to perform inventory management, They provide the instant credit card authorization and automated teller banking services to even small towns, They pay at the pump gas at the freeway gas stations, and video conferencing for the international corporations.

Astronomy satellites are the new technology that is mounted on earth-orbiting satellites or on the deep space probes, and they can give us an unobstructed view without the earth’s atmosphere interfering, They carry the detectors to record the electromagnetic radiation at wavelengths shorter than visible light.

Satellite-based navigation systems like Navstar Global Positioning Systems enable anyone with a handheld receiver to determine his location to within a few meters, They are known colloquially as GPS.

GPS locators are increasingly included in the car direction services, GPS based systems are used by the civilians and the military for navigation on land, the sea, and the air, and they are crucial in the situations like a ship making a difficult course in a harbor in the bad weather or the troops lost in unknown regions.

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