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Which mode of international business should be chosen by a small businessman and why?

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A small business should consider following factors in selecting mode of entering into international business. 

1. Ease of entry: First and foremost factor that determines the choice of mode of entry into international business is ease of entry. A businessman wants to adopt such mode of entry into international business which is easy and less formalities requiring. Exporting, importing, licensing and franchising are better ways from this perspective. 

2. Cost: Second determining factor is cost involved. For example, very less cost is involved in exporting, importing, licensing, franchising and contract manufacturing as compared to joint ventures and setting wholly owned subsidiaries. 

3. Control over production: If the foreign company or producer wants full control over production activities in local country, he will prefer franchising, wholly owned subsidiary or joint venture with majority share holding. If it is not so important, he will prefer exporting, importing, contract manufacturing licensing etc. 

4. Sharing of Technology: If the company has no problem in sharing of technology then it may choose joint venture or franchising. But if it does not want to share its technology and trade secrets, it will prefer wholly owned subsidiary or exporting. 

5. Risk Involved: If a firm is ready to take risk, it may choose wholly owned subsidiary or joint ventures but if it is willing to minimise its loss then it should choose exporting, licensing, franchising or contract manufacturing. In my opinion, being a small businessman he will prefer exporting or licensing,franchising to other modes of business as it is easy, less costly, gives greater control over production and involves lesser risk.

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