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Give a detailed account on the importance of Vedic Literature in Hinduism and its

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List of Vedic Literature| Sacred Hindu Scriptures

1. Compiled around 1500-1000 BC
2. Literal meaning of the term ‘rig’ is ‘to praise’
3. A collection of hymns
4. Volumes are called Mandal
5. Mandal III contains the Gayatri Mantra which was compiled in the praise of sun god Savitri.
6. Mandal IX contains hyms called Purusha Sukta from where varna system is discussed.
7. Rishi who were experts in Rigveda were called hotra or hotri.
8. It has many things in common with Zend-Avesta, which is the oldest text in Iranian language.

1. Collection of songs and most of the songs were taken from the hymns of Rigveda.
2. Udgatri was the experts of Samaveda
3. Compilation laid the foundation of Indian Music

1. Collection of sacrificial formulae
2. Describes the rituals to be followed at the time of recitation of mantra.
3. Adhvaryu was the experts of the knowledge of Yajurveda.
4. It contains both prose and poetry
5. It is divided into two parts- Krishna Yajurvedas and Shukla Yajurveda

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