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a) Names of some carbohydrates, their properties and structural patterns are given below. Match them properly.

GlucoseDisaccharideD-1,4 link
LactoseInsoluble (in water)1, 6- linkage
AmylopectinNon - reducingFructoxide
TerisaccharideAnomers present
Mono saccharide2- glucose units linked

b) Proteins have polypeptide bonds. What are polypeptides?

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a) Glucose – monosaccharide – Anomers present Sucrose – Disaccharide – Fructoxide Lactose – Reducing -1,4 link Amylopectin – Insoluble in water -1,6 link

b) When the number of amino acid units in a protein is more than ten, then the products are called polypeptides.

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