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What is Bill of Lading? How does it differ from the bill of entry?

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Bill of Lading is an essential document required at the time of an export transaction. It is issued by the shipping company as a token of acceptance that the goods have been put on board in its vessel. A Bill of Lading is an undertaking from the shipping company to transfer the goods to the port of destination. Bills of Lading are freely transferable. In contrast, a Bill of Entry is required at the time of an import transaction. It is a form supplied by the customs office and filled by the importer once the goods are received. A Bill of Entry is submitted at the customs office with information such as the name and address of the importer, name of the ship in which the goods were transported, number of packages, marks on the package, description of imported goods, quantity and value of the imported goods, name and address of the exporter, port of destination and customs duty payable.

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