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Transfer of pollengrains from the anther to the sitgma of a ower is called pollination.

Grass plants generally have small, inconspicuous owers while plants belonging to many angiosperm families bear conspicuous coloured owers.

(a) Comment on the type of pollination taking place in these two groups.

(b) What are the salient features present in these two groups for eective pollination?


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(a) (1) Wind pollination 

(2) Pollination by biotic agents

(b) Floral features of wind pollination :-

1. Light pollengrain 

2. Dry, smooth & large quantities of pollengrains 

3. Exposed stigma 

4. Lack of scent

5. Lack of nectar 

(c) Floral features of animal pollination :- 

1. Large ower 

2. Colourful and fragrant with nectar 

3. Sticky pollengrain

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