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The teacher should give oral instructions to the students to draw the geometrical figure already drawn by him / her.

i) Draw a square. In the middle of the square, draw a circle in such a way that the circle does not touch any side of the square. Divide the circle into four equal parts. Shade the bottom right part of the circle. Ask the students to show that figure drawn by them.

ii) Draw a triangle on a piece of paper. Make it crazy looking by adding some features. Give instructions to your friend to draw it exactly the same.

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i) The figure will be as drawn below.

ii) The instructions may be:

1. Draw a square of side 3 cm.
2. Draw an equilateral triangle of side 2 cm inside the square without touching the sides of the square.
3. Draw a small circle at the middle of the triangle.
4. Draw two eyes above the circle.
5. Draw a mouth below the circle.
6. Draw two legs at the base of the triangle.
7. Draw hands to the other to sides of the triangle stretching inside the square. Draw two ears above the hands.

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