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List out major affiliated bodies of the World Bank.

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The following are the major affiliated bodies of the World Bank. 

1. IBRD: The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) was established in 1945 to assist in the reconstruction of war affected countries. It mainly aims at facilitating the development of the poor nations of the world. 

2. IFC: The IFC, or the International Finance Corporation, was formed in 1956 as a separate legal entity to provide finance to the private sector in developing nations. The IFC is part of the World Bank Group. It has its own funds and functions. It is managed independently. 

3. MIGA: MIGA refers to the Multinational Investment Guarantee Agency. It was established in April 1988 with the objective of encouraging foreign direct investments in the less developed countries, insuring investors against political and non¬commercial risks, providing advisory services, etc. 

4. IDA: The IDA, or the International Development Association, was established in 1960. Its basic objective is to provide loans and grants at concessional rates to countries whose per-capita income is very low. The loans provided by the IDA have high flexibility.

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