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Make a list of reforms that were brought about in the three regions of Kerala.

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  • District and Provincial courts were established.
  • A chain of roads was made.
  • In Ancharakandi, a spice garden was established. 
  • Many cloth and tile factories were founded. 
  • Kozhikode, Thalassery, Kannur Municipalities came into existence.
  • Railway link was established with other areas of the country.
  • In Nilambur a teak grove was established.
  • To bring timber, a canal was made (e.g. Kanoli Canal).
  • Timber business was encouraged.


  • Lower Courts and Huzur Courts were founded.
  • All important Devaswoms were brought under the government.
  • In 1845, slavery was banned.
  • The survey of the land was made and taxes were fixed.
  • Railway lines were made.
  • Established Health, Agriculture and Fisheries departments.
  • Kochi Tenant (Leasing) Law was passed.
  • A Staff Selection Board was established.


  • Owners of land were given ‘pattayams’ showing details of the land
  •  Slavery was banned in 1812.
  • Renewed judiciary by founding 5 district courts and 1 Appeal Court.
  •  In 1811, the administration of Dewaswoms was taken over by the Government.
  •  Improved coinage, communication, agriculture and trade.
  •  Banned feudal conventions like “talavari” and “Uzhiyam”.
  •  In 1888, a Law-Making Council with 8 members was formed.
  • Founded, many factories, electrification  schemes, canals and post office.

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