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Notice these expressions in the text. Infer their meaning from the context.  

(i) The thought was almost revolting  

(ii) An expanse of pure white serenity  

(iii) A turning point  

(iv) Accepted her seclusion with resignation  

(v) A veritable bedlam of chirruping’s  

(vi) Frivolous rebukes  

(vii) The sagging skins of the dilapidated drum 

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i) The thought was almost revolting – The thought that the author‟s grandmother was once young and pretty raises a doubt in the mind of the author. He finds it too hard to believe as he had always seen her as an old lady.  

ii) An expanse of pure white serenity – It refers to the calm, peaceful and serene character and the conduct of the author‟s grandmother. She is compared to a peaceful winter landscape in the mountains. She almost looked like a snow covered mountain in her silvery hair and spotless white clothes.  

iii) A turning-point – It refers to the point where the author‟s relationship with his grandmother changes drastically after they move to the city-house.  

iv) Accepted her seclusion with resignation – This shows the author‟s grandmother‟s passive submission to her secluded life after she gradually loses touch with her grandson.  

v) A veritable bedlam of chirruping – It refers to the noise, confusion and chaos caused by the chirruping of the sparrows that scattered and perched around the author‟s grandmother.  

vi) Frivolous rebukes – It refers to the casual, non serious and light-hearted scoldings of the grandmother to the sparrows.  

vii) The sagging skins of the dilapidated drum – It points to the shabby and deteriorated condition of the drum.

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