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During sexual reproduction fertilization is an important process. But in most aquatic organisms like fishes, amphibians, etc. external fertilization occur. In most terrestrial organisms internal fertilization is common.

1. Point out the differences between external and internal fertilization.

2. Write the disadvantages of external fertilization.

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(a)1. External Fertilization:

Syngamy occurs in the external medium water i.e. outside the body of organisms. Eggs and sperms are released outside the female and male parents respectively and move through water before fusion of gametes.

2. Internal Fertilization:

Syngamy occurs inside the body of organisms. Egg is formed inside the female body where they fuse with male gamete that is released by the male parent.

(b) Offsprings formed by external fertilization, are extremely vulnerable to predators threatening their survival up to adulthood.

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