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Describe the changing relationship between the author and his grandmother. Did their feelings for each change?

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The changing circumstances did have a bearing on the relationship between the author and his grandmother. The author and his grandmother lived as intimate friends in the village. A turning point came in their relationship when they came to the city to live with the author‟s parents. The author joined an English school in the city. She remained confined to home as here she could not accompany him to the school. In the new English school she could not help him in studies. She did not like the kind of education being given to the author at the English school. The grandmother became disturbed as there was no teaching about God and scriptures in the new school. She reconciled herself with spinning and taking to feed the sparrows. When the narrator grew up, he went up to university. He was given his own room. The common link of friendship between the author and his grandmother was snapped. His grandmother accepted her seclusion with resignation.  No, their feelings for each other did not change though distances grew between them.

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