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Would you agree that the author’s grandmother was a person strong in character? If yes, give instances that show this.

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Yes, the author‟s grandmother was a person strong in character. The instances to prove this are given below. 

 - The author‟s grandmother was a person strong in character. She was a picture of contentment but she had firm convictions about certain things in her life. 

 - She had her own thoughts about the learning at school. She considered the teaching of scriptures to be more fruitful than science and music.  

- In her phase of loneliness and seclusion, she took to wheel-spinning and feeding sparrows. She appeared composed and did not display any emotion when the author decided to go abroad for studies. 

 - Ignoring everyone who tried to stop her, she sang for several hours celebrating the home- coming of her grandson. 

 - During the last few hours of her life, ignoring the protests of her family members, she stopped talking to everyone and took to reciting prayers and telling her beads.

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