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Amit holds 100 shares of Rs.10 each on which he has paid Re.1 per share as application money. Bimal holds 200 shares of Rs.10 each on which he has paid Re.1 and Rs.2 per share as application and allotment money, respectively. Chetan holds 300 shares of Rs.10 each and has paid Re.1 on the application, Rs.2 on allotment and Rs.3 for the first call. They all fail to pay their arrears and the second call of Rs.2 per share and the directors, therefore, forfeited their shares. The shares are reissued subsequently for Rs.11 per share as fully paid. Journalise the transactions.

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working Note :

Calculation of capital Reserve

as shares are reissued at price higher than face value hence full amount of share forfeiture will be transferred to capital reserve.

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