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An object floats in water on a planet with 10% of the object outside the water. If the container containing water  falls freely, then the percentage of volume of the object inside the water is: (a)10% (b)<10% (c)<90% (d)90%

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The percentage of the volume of the object inside the water will be zero as:

  • Since the container containing water is made to fall freely no water will be displaced by the body, therefore the buoyant force acting on the body will be zero as no force will be exerted by the body on the water.
  • The buoyant force is also known as upthrust which is the force exerted in the upward direction by the water on the body that opposes the weight of the body and makes the body float in water.
  • The apparent weight (Weight when the container falls freely) of the body will be zero due to which it will not occupy any volume of water.

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