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The Azamgarh Proclamation of August 25, 1857 stressed on which one of the following issues ?

(a) Hindu-Muslim divide

(b) Support to the English Government

(c) The return of the Badshahi

(d) The imposition of heavy Jumas (revenue demand)

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(a) Hindu-Muslim divide

The Azamgarh proclamations of 25th August 1857 stressed on the issue of unity among Hindus and the Muslims of the country. The proclamation constantly appealed  to people belonging to different  caste and creed to remain together in this hour of crisis.

Majority of the proclamations were  carried out under the name of the  Muslim princes or by them but they also  addressed the sentiments of  Hindus.The rebellion act was considered as a war in which  both Muslims and Hindus were to be affected equally in case of loss or win.

The ishtahars drew attention to the pre-British era where both the  Hindu-Muslim experienced a glorified past and the coexistence of  various communities during the reign of  Mughal Empire.

The proclamation which was issued under the name  of Bahadur Shah made a heartfelt request to the people to come together  and fight under the acceptance of both Mahavir and Muhammad. It was commendable that there was hardly any noticeable incident of  religious divisions between the community of Hindus and Muslim  during the uprising despite attempts were carried out by the British to create one.The British spent Rs 50000 in Bareilly, western Uttar Pradesh  to instigate the Hindu community against  the Muslims but failed.

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