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State the meaning of ‘Debentures issued as a Collateral Security’.

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Collateral security is given in addition to the primary security to the loan provider. In case when a company takes some loan it may issue debentures for additional security besides the primary security to that particular bank or financial institution. Here it is to be remember that issue of debenture in ordinary course is different from issue of debenture as collateral security, in ordinary course debenture holders are entitled to get interest at an specified coupon rate where as in case of debenture issued as collateral security the holder of these debenture is not entitled to any such interest. But in case of any default in payment of principle or interest of loan it may recover its amount from the issue of such debenture in the secondary market. Here it should be remembered that first of all the primary security will be sold after that debenture as collateral security will be used.

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