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Given below are some interesting combinations of words. Explain why they have been used together. 

(i) ghostly dust devils  

(ii) desert sky 

(iii) stunning artefacts 

(iv) funerary treasures 

(v) scientific detachment 

(vi) dark-bellied clouds  

(vii) casket grey 

(viii) eternal brilliance 

(ix) ritual resins  

(x) virtual body

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(i) ghostly dust devils- it points out to the devilish or frightful movement of the dusty winds. It reflects the anger of the winds for disturbing the king from his resting place.  

(ii) Desert sky- it refers to the dusty sky of the desert. The barren sky spread over the vast desert region portrays a sad and dry picture.  

(iii) Stunning artifacts- items found in the tomb were extremely beautiful. Usage of both the words together explains the „eternal brilliance‟ of the objects.  

(iv) Funerary treasures- reference is to the fact that king was buried with numerous things which were no less than treasures as most of the items were made of pure gold. 

(v) Scientific detachment- it refers to an indifference towards science.  

(vi) Dark-bellied clouds- it refers to the dark clouds containing rain.  

(vii) casket grey- the words point out to the stars being covered by the „dark-bellied clouds‟, the way jewels are kept in a casket (a jewel box).  

(viii) Eternal brilliance- eternal refers to something that is timeless. Thus, eternal brilliance refers to timeless luster and shine of the jewels and valuables of the king. 

(ix) Ritual resins- resins are used as a customary duty in the process of burying a body.  

(x) Virtual body- a body created through electronic images or CT scan. It resembles a real body and provides a very clear view.

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