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Characteristics of an effective and efficient control system

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Characteristics of an effective control system

1. Perfect Plan:

Control should reflect the plan designed to be followed. Managers should have information with regard to the plans for which they are responsible for working.

2. Objective:

Control should be objective rather then subjective because an individual’s job is not a matter of subjective determination. 

3. Flexible:

An effective control system should be flexible. It should be capable of adjusting itself to unforeseen changes of plans. It must be adaptable to new developments.

4. Economical

The control system should be economical to operate. The expenditure on control must correspond with the benefits derived from them.

5. Point out Exceptions

Management by exception is a system of warning the management when the situation is likely to become out of control and the intervention of management is needed.  Its main object is to make the task of managing simpler and more effective. If control is based on exception principle, it will allow the managers to concentrate on important issues.

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