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A cement company earns a profit of ₹ 8 per bag of white cement sold and a loss of ₹ 5 per bag of grey cement sold.

(a) The company sells ₹ 3,000 bags of white cement and ₹ 5,000 bags of grey cement in a month. What is its profit or loss?

(b) What is the number of white cement bags it must sell to have neither profit nor loss. If the number of grey bags sold is ₹ 6,400 bags.

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Given: Profit of 1 bag of white cement = ₹ 8 And Loss of 1 bag of grey cement = ₹ 

(a) Profit on selling 3000 bags of white cement = 3000 x 8 =₹ 24,000 

Loss of selling 5000 bags of grey cement = 5000 x 5 = ₹ 25,000 

Since Profit < Loss 

Therefore, his total loss on selling the grey cement bags = Loss – Profit = 25,000 – 24,000 = ` ₹ 1,000 

Thus, he has lost of ₹ 1,000 on selling the grey cement bags. 

(b) Let the number of bags of white cement be x. According to question, Loss = Profit 

Thus, he must sell 4000 white cement bags to have neither profit nor loss. 

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