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Consider a box with three terminals on top of it as shown in Fig.14.18 (a):

Three components namely, two germanium diodes and one resistor are connected across these three terminals in some arrangement. 

A student performs an experiment in which any two of these three terminals are connected in the circuit shown in Fig. 14.18 (b).

The student obtains graphs of current-voltage characteristics for unknown combination of components between the two terminals connected in the circuit.

The graphs are

(i) when A is positive and B is negative

(ii) when A is negative and B is positive

(iii) When B is negative and C is positive

(iv) When B is positive and C is negative

(v) When A is positive and C is negative

(vi) When A is negative and C is positive

From these graphs of current – voltage characteristic shown in Fig. 14.18 (c) to (h), determine the arrangement of components between A, B and C.

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Components between A, B and C.

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