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A spherical mirror is a mirror which has the shape of a piece cut out of a spherical surface.There are two types of spherical mirrors:concave,and convex.Rahul wants to observe the formation of images using spherical mirrors.He wants to observe each and every aspect of image formation so he divides his experiments into three instances.At initial instance Rahul obtains a blurred image of an object on a screen by using a concave mirror whose radius of curvature is 20cm.For the next instance he observes his image on the mirror and finds it at 40cm from the mirror.For the final instance he observes parallel rays from the top of a distant tree incident on the concave mirror,which forms an image on the screen.

(i)At the second instance when Rahul observes his image,which of these can be his distance with respect to pole of the spherical mirror?





(ii)Which of the following is correct regarding nature of image which is formed at the second instance?

(a)real,inverted and diminished

(b)real,erect and diminished

(c)virtual,erect and enlarged

(d)virtual,inverted and diminished

(iii)If instead of a concave mirror,Rahul used a convex mirror to observe his image,being in his original position,then at what distance would he have observed his image?




(d)None of these

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