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An enemy fighter jet plane was detected by radar, approaching from beyond Mt. Ophir as shown in Figure Q1. The fighter jet pilot maintains low level flying at 800m above ground with a constant speed of 0.5 mach. R is the horizontal distance from the fighter jet plane to the artillery unit. At an instant when R = 3000 m, an artillery personnel fired a projectile at time, t0=0 s, and at 45° from horizontal ground. The artillery shell, with initial speed of u=1600 m/s crosses the elevation of 800m at time, t1 and t2 in projectile motion from the moment it was fired.
Figure Q1
a) Calculate the time t1 and t2.
(10 marks)
b) Determine the location of fighter jet at t1 and t2 (the horizontal distance from artillery).
(5 marks)
c) In your own words explain whether the artillery shell will hit the fighter jet. What is your advice to the artillery army unit?
(10 marks)

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