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The given figure shows a compound microscope with two lenses PQ and RS.

1. Identify Objective and eyepiece in the microscope.

2. A compound microscope has a magnification of 30. The focal length of its eyepiece is 5 cm. Assuming the final image to be formed at the least distance of distinctive vision, calculate the magnification produced by the objective.

3. What is the length of a compound microscope in normal adjustment?

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1. Objective – PQ, eyepiece – RS.

2. Magnification, M = m0 × me

\(m_e=1+\frac{D}{f_e}=1+\frac{25}{5}\) = 6

\(m_o=\frac{m_0}{M}=\frac{30}{6}\) = 5

3. The length of a compound microscope in normal adjustment is f0 + fe

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