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A diode can be properly doped at the time of its manufacture, so that it have a shape break down voltage 

1. The above diode is called 

  • Zener diode 
  • Photo diode 
  • Light emitting diode 
  • Solar cell

2. Compare V-l Characteristics of above diode with that of an ordinary diode

3. Explain how the above diode can be used as an voltage regulator.

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1. Zener diode

2. Zener diode has sharp breakdown voltage than ordinary diode


The zener diode is connected to a fluctuating voltage supply through a resistor R2 . The out put is taken across RL


When ever the supply voltage increases beyond the breakdown voltage, the current through zener increases (and also through Rz).

Thus the voltage across Rz increases, by keeping the voltage drop across zener diode as a constant value. (This voltage drop across Ris proportional to the input voltage) 

Similarly, when supply voltage decreases beyond a certain value, the current through the zener diode decreases. Thus the voltage across Rz decreases, by keeping the voltage drop across zener diode as constant (Zener diode as a voltage regulator).

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