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The following common words are used in more than one sense. 

  panel, studio, brush, essence, material 

Examine the following sets of sentences to find out what the words, ‘panel’ and ‘essence’ mean in different contexts. 

(i) The masks from Bawa village in Mali look like long panels of decorated wood. 

(ii) Judge H. Hobart Grooms told the jury panel he had heard the reports. 

(iii) The panel is laying the groundwork for an international treaty. 

(iv) The glass panels of the window were broken.  

(v) Through the many roundtables, workshops and panel discussions, a consensus was reached.   

(vi) The sink in the hinged panel above the bunk drains into the head.

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1. Panel  

(i) boards of decorated wood  

(ii) group of men selected to give unanimous verdict on a legal case.  

(iii) group of experts.  

(iv) window panes.  

(v) group discussions.  

(vi) a flat board fixed with a hinge.  

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