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How will you deal with a change in profit sharing ratio among existing partners? Take imaginary figures to illustrate your answer.

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Change in the profit sharing ratio occurs only in case of the admission, retirement or death of a partner or sometimes due to the general agreement among the partners in which they may decide to change the profit sharing ratio. There may be number of issues that should be considered during the change in the profit sharing ratio such as goodwill, reserves and accumulated profits, profit or loss on the revaluation of assets and liabilities and adjustment of capital, etc. 

As far as the issue related to general reserve is concerned it is basically the accumulated profits (if any) and profit (or loss) on revaluation of assets and liabilities and should be distributed in the partner’s capital account in partners old profit sharing ratio. Sometimes the existing partners may decide to change the profit sharing ratio then some partners gain at the cost of other partners. In other words one partner gain and other one sacrifice equal to the gain. In that case the former should compensate the latter. Therefore, the gaining partner’s capital account’s are debited to the extent of their gain and sacrificing partner’s capital accounts are credited to the extent of their sacrifice .The following journal entry is passed

Example Ram. Mohan and Shyam are partners in a firm sharing profit and loss in 3 2 :1 ratio. They decide to share profit and loss equally in future. On dm: date, the books of the firm showsRs.2.40.000 as general reserve, profit on ^evaluation of Plant and Machinery Rs.60.000. The following adjustment entry is passed through the capital accounts without affecting the books of accounts.

Hence, in the above example. Shyam gains at the cost of Ram. so the Ram needs to be compensated by Shyam with the amount of Rs.50.000. The following adjustment entry is passed.

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