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Why dose the work of Andreas Vesalius represent a milestone in medicine?

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Andreas Vesalius was the founder of modern anatomy This 16th century physician and surgeon completely revolutionized the science of biology and medicine. By careful and painstaking dissection of cadavers, he learned a great deal about the structure of the human body and led the foundation for modern physiology. In 1543, he published remarkable book ‘De humani corporis fabrica’. It was afully illustrated anatomy of the human body, based on tions in anatomy that had persisted for over a thousand years. Veasalius’ anatomical studies corrected many religious beliefs and the finding of a previous physician Galen , who had dissected apes because religion forbade him to dissect real human cadavers. Vesalius was the first surgeon to actually cut open a cadaver or dead body of a human being, and his exceptionally detailed muscle drawings changed medical history for all time.

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