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Find the value of Cos(cosx)
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Please give me exact answer I am not understanding.
Pls give answer for class 11th like students

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The maximum and minimum value  of cos(x) is  1 and -1.
Hence cos(cosx) = cos(cos90) at ,  x = 90 degree  is cos0 = 1 (maximum value )
And cos(cosx) = cos(cos0) at x = 0 is cos(1) , it is minimum value .
Here the cos function decreases from 0 to 90 degree.
Hence if one cos increases then other cos will decreases simultaneously.

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As you know
The value of cos(x) lies between (-1 & 1).
So put any value of cos(x) between (-1) and (1) in cos(cos(x)).

cos(-1) = cos(1)   as [cos(-x) = cos(x)]

cos(0) = 1

It is clear from the above value that the value of cos(cos(x)) is between "cos(1)" and "1".

Also, cos(x) is a decreasing function in 0° and 90°. so as the maximum value of cos(x) will be at 0° and minimum at 1° in this question.

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