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(i) State two basis of classifying plants and animals into different categories. 

(ii) List three characteristics features of fungi. 

(iii) Some fungal species live in permanent, mutually dependent relationships with cyanobacteria. 

What is this relationship called? Where are they found?

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(i) Plants and animals are totally different from one another. They are classified on basis as follows: 

Plants and animals are totally different from one another in the following ways- 

(1) Food preparation 

(2) Movement 

(3) Body parts 

(4) Respiration 

(5) Reproduction 

(ii) Three characteristic features of fungi are

a) Cell wall is made of chitin 

b) Mode of nutrition is heterotrophic 

c) They are saprophytes. 

(iii) Symbiotic relationship. 

Symbiosis is a situation in which 2 different organisms live together in close association. 

They occur as greyish-green growths on bare rock surfaces, mountain tops, rocky seashores, bark of trees, on the ground, stone walls etc.

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