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The phrase 'inter alia' meaning 'among other things' is one of the many Latin expression commonly used in English. 

 Find out what these Latin phrases men. 

(i) Prima face  

(ii) ad hoc  

(iii) in camera  

(iv) ad infinitum  

(v) mutatis multanis 

(vi) tabula rasa

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(i) prima face means „at first sight, before closer inspection‟  

(ii) ad hoc means „for the specific purpose, case, or situation at hand and for no other‟.  

(iii) in camera means „in secret, in private‟  

(iv) ad infinitum means „to infinity, having no end‟  

(v) mutatis multanis means „changing [only] those things which needs to be changed‟, [only] the necessary changes having been made Caveat means „a warning or caution‟  

(vi) tabula rasa means, chance to start afresh, „without any prior experience or knowledge‟.

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