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The words „grip‟, „dawn‟. „usher‟, „coin‟, „passport‟ have a literal as well as a figurative meaning. 

Write of sentences using each word in the literal as well as figurative sense.

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 (a) She was excellent during the rock-climbing session. She has a good grip.  

 (b) The movement of 'India Against corruption' has gripped the minds of Indians.


 (a) The day dawned with a clear sky.  

 (b) Suddenly, the idea dawned on him.  


 (a) The waiter ushered them to their seats.

 (b) The Green Movement ushered in a new era of awareness.  


 (a) I have ten coins of Rs. 5.  

 (b) The term was coined by a famous philosopher.  


 (a) He has just got his passport made to visit his uncle in the USA.  

 (b) Education is the passport to a bright future.

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