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Comment on the attitude shown by Taplow towards Crocker-Harris.

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Crocker Harris is Taplow teacher. According to Taplow and me also; Mr. Crocker Harris is a strict disciplinarian. He is a hard working teacher and fully devoted to his duty as he calls Taplow even on the last day of school to make up for his missed class. No student in his entire career has  a courage to ‘cut’ Mr. Crocker Harris class. He is neither partial nor biased; he will give Taplow whatever he deserves. He tries to maintain an appropriate distance from his students. He never  responds to the feelings shown by his students and remains shrivelled up. He is a man of principles and follows the rules of the school. His students like him even though of his strict behaviour. His colleagues, even Frank, envy him for the effect he has on the students. He is strict but not a sadist that he seems to be.

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